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About Lucie


Lucie S. Matsouaka is an author, Certified Senior Professional Career Coach, and a bilingual mentor (French and English). She is the Founder of L’Emergence De L’Entrepreneur, her consulting company.

As a parent of a young entrepreneur, her purpose is to guide parents on how to help a child develop his/her passion and nurture their dream.

She also empowers, guides and teaches young entrepreneurs how to navigate the storms of entrepreneurship, in order to stand out and be successful. She supports them on their journey, giving them the tools necessary to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, better their enterprises, and gain a competitive advantage.

Rooted deeply in her personal experience and voyages, her trainings are tailored to the social, economical, and cultural environments of her mentees. This offers a unique perspective to the solutions she provides to help them reach their goals.

She was invited in 2019 to Brussels (Belgium) to speak at the Golden Artistic Awards festival, attended by Belgium government officials, and receive the Prix d’honneur for her work with entrepreneurs.

Lucie is also a co-author of the Amazon best-selling book Black Girls Hear, a book where black women describe, in detail, their riveting experiences with intersectionality and how it has played out in their lives.

She published a book called “Not everyone wins” for entrepreneurs and young business owners, as well as a book in French called, “Ne gagne pas qui veut”.

She was featured in the Belgium Magazine Brukmer in March 2018, as well as Black Reins, Rolling Out, Sheen Magazine, and MizCEO Magazines in the US.

Lucie lives in North Carolina, USA with her husband and two children.

Speaking experience:
Keynote Speaker
– Guest Panelist

Speaking topics:
Give them what you wish you had
The complete woman
Mentoring your own child