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Our Vision is to guide, support, encourage, train, and equip people who are ready to go into business or those who, already in business, want to achieve new goals in their business.

Not Every One Wins

Highlights of some of the key reasons why most people who try entrepreneurship fail.

This book draws the attention of entrepreneurs to the many mistakes they make without realizing it, and which harm their businesses. It also offers some solutions. But most importantly, it is focused on YOU. You are the one who creates your success. Are you in traditional business, network marketing or direct sales? You’ll find some answers to your questions in this book. Success is a choice we make

Black Girls Hear Antology

Expert Author Lucie Matsouaka has been selected to offer expert advice and contribute to the Black Girl Hear Anthology to empower minority women caught in the cross hairs of intersectionality. Lucie brings a wealth of personal and career knowledge as well as a unique experience with the phenomenon, having lived in another country and having moved to the United States later in life. She shares her riveting experiences transitioning and adapting to life in the United States as a “Black woman”.

Black women and girls must often navigate through a landscape that reinforces multidimensional stereotypes and debilitating narratives that negatively impact how black femininity is understood.


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